A Taste of Roscigno Cookbook

A Taste of Roscigno

This is the only Italian Cookbook you will ever need.  With over 600 family recipes from descendants of Roscigno and the surrounding areas you will have the original recipe your nonna had locked in her head!  This book has 17 tabbed sections from antipasto through zuppa with even a section for our limoncello recipe!  Don’t miss out on this cookbook.  Only a limited number of books printed. Each book is $25.00 plus $5.00 S&H.  Order below.

A Taste of Roscigno Vecchia Cookbook

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  1. Frances Di Bona 7 years ago

    As a second generation descendant, I ALMOST made it to Roscigno Vecchio. Took a road trip with my husband and made it as far as Sala Consalina, but I was overcome with carsickness! Not knowing how close to the town we were, we went down to sea level only to find out that we only needed to make a left turn. Sad to say I couldn’t make it back up the mountain that particular visit. One day…

    glad to have all the information at hand.

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